I absolutely love this style of bag!  The reasons I love it is because of the great size, the quilting features and and the ties on the sides!  There are so many different styles to this charm pack bag.  There are also different ways of constructing this bag.  I have watched videos and read tutorials on making the bag and here are two that I recommend before you begin the charm pack bag diy.



These will help explain some things that I may leave out.  

You will need…

  • 30 charm squares (5 inches)
  • 10 fabric strips (2.5 x 40 inches)
  • foam interfacing
  • 1/2 yard fabric for lining

To make this beautiful charm pack bag, I started with sewing a row of 5 charm squares together. And then did that for 2 more rows to make the 3 rows. Then I added 2 strips on top.

You will need to make another one. One will be the front of the bag and one will be the back of the bag.

The next step is to lay the foam interfacing on the back and sew lines to attach the the top to the foam. I used a wavy stitch on mine. You can use any kind of stitch. Do the same for the other one you pieced.

Now you will take both and put right sides together and sew the 2 sides and bottom. Make sure to not sew the top.

Now to make the box pleat.  There are a couple of different ways to make these.  Refer to the links at the top for directions.  

Now to make the straps… I sewed two of the strips right sides together, opened it out and put the 1.5 inch strip of foam interfacing folded the top fabric over and stitched the edges.

To finish… pin the straps where you want them on the bag before you make the lining. The lining is make by sewing right sides together on the sides and bottom. Make the box pleats like you did on the bag. Turn right sides together and with rights sides together, sew the lining to the bag leaving a small space for turning. Turn right sides together and top stitch the top.

The tutorial I linked above gives great instructions on making the ties on the sides. I hope you enjoy this bag as much as I enjoy mine. Feel free to email me with any questions at: sewsassybypaula@gmail.com    

Happy Sewing!