What can you do with a wooden tree from Hobby Lobby and some cute Christmas fabric?  You can make a festive Christmas tree fabric craft which will be a very cute holiday decoration.

Here’s what you will need to make this Christmas tree craft:

  • wooden tree from Hobby Lobby
  • Christmas or festive fabric
  • trim such as rich rack

As you can see in the video tutorial below, I made templates for each piece of the tree out or cardstock paper.  I traced and cut out the pieces from the cardstock and then traced and cut out on the fabric.  

Check out the video below…

Christmas Tree Craft video

After I cut out the fabric pieces, then I used mod podge on the tree.  After it dried a little, then I added more modpodge on top of the fabric.  I let this dry and then hotglued the rickrack.  You could add buttons, mini ornaments, or mini lights too.

I added a fabric tree skirt to the base of the tree.  I love how this Christmas tree fabric craft turned out!  

snow wreath tutorial