Are you wanting to add some new character to your front porch this summer? Here are some ways that I have used for my porch.


  • Get some paint and paint brush and start painting. I painted my swing, chair, glider and old milk can and as you can see I love that color of blue!


  • A welcome sign is also a good add to make a porch come alive. I found mine at a local craft fair but you can find these everywhere now. They are pretty popular. You could also make one yourself because there’s all kinds of DIYs for these Welcome signs.


  • Add pillows to your porch to make a statement. I had a previous post on how I made my pillows for my swing and glider. Or you can pick them anywhere you like to shop.

Unique items

  • Hang unique items on your porch. My husband and I made this lighted chandelier for our porch. We took an old chandelier and inserted LED Solar outdoor lights and we have a very pretty light for our porch. I also have a bird cage hanging on my porch as well.
  • I like to have bird houses around the porch and I also have some vintage items too such as apple baskets, milk can and an old water pot.


  • Plant flowers and plants for your porch. If you don’t want to plant a full flower bed, then plant in containers and hanging baskets. That’s what I like to do. Stay tuned for my post about my flowers later on when they have got a little bigger.

So, there you see some simple ideas to make your porch come alive this summer and add some personality along with it. Have fun! Think outside of the box.

If you have some ideas that you’ve used, I would love to hear them. Feel free to comment.

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