I’ve always wanted stockings hung by a chimney but there was a couple of issues to get this done. The first, is that we didn’t have a chimney.  But my brother built me a faux fireplace so that took care of that.  But it’s smaller than a regular fireplace.  So, here’s the second issue…how to get 12 stockings to fit.  I knew that if I used holders, there wouldn’t be room for all of them. So here’s my solution to how to hang stockings in a small space…  I had a small vintage ladder and I just laid that flat on top of the fireplace.  Using string tied to the stocking loops, I attached the stockings to the edge of the ladder.  

The stockings all fit and I have enough room for 12 the stockings.  So my solution for how to hang stockings in a small space worked well.  

I added lighted green garland to hide the ladder and it all looks great!

Just a note about how I made the tobacco basket on the wall…  It was made with a chalk paint stencil and then I added the greenery and bow.  The basket came from Hobby Lobby with the chalk board in the center.

*The drawing of Santa was done by one of my daughters, Jessica.  

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Christmas ornament DIY