If you love to make something easy and fun for the holidays, then you will love this DIY.  Making the snow wreath and snow balls was so much fun to do!  I love how they look! 

Here’s what I used to make them…

  • styrofoam wreath form
  • styrofoam balls
  • chunky white yarn
  • floral picks
  • bow
  • small figurines

For the wreath…

You will start by attaching the end of the yarn to the wreath form with a floral pin.  Then wind the yarn tightly around the wreath all the way around.  Use pins as needed.  

Hot glue some small objects such as trees, snowman or whatever you want.  I think this little snowman is so cute!!!

For the snowballs…

Use the styrofoam balls and start the yarn at the center with a floral pin.  Then wrap the yarn around the ball tightly using pins as needed.  Warning…making these is addictive.  You can’t stop at just one!

I made enough to fill a Christmas bucket.  I just love how they look! 

Side note…my grandkids love them too.  

Making the snow wreath and snow balls was probably one of my favorite DIY’s for the holiday season!  

Feel free to watch my Facebook video where I showed how to make these.

Here’s the link…

Snow Wreath & Snow Ball Video

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