Making a Valentine decor from a restored old window…

I found this old four pane window at an Antique Store, Rusty Gold     recently and knew I would come up with an idea for it.  Since it did not have the glass in the panes and it already had a new wire hanger on the back it was perfect for a DIY project.  

It’s close to Valentine’s Day, so I decided to turn this into a cute decor with lace and hearts.  The first step I took was to glue lace on the back.

Then I decided that a banner would look cute on it so I glued jute string with tiny clothespins on the window.

To make the valentine banner for it, I used tan and red burlap.  I cut a rectangle from the tan burlap, folded in half and cut an angle at the bottom for the base of the banner.

I glued a piece of red burlap on the back and cut a heart and glued it on the front. The burlap will ravel some when you cut it but that’s fine.  That’s the way it is supposed to look.

I made three of these for the window.  And used the tiny clothespins, with heart stickers I added, to hold them.  

I am in love with how the Valentine decor from a restored old window turned out! I think it looks awesome against the red walls in my dining room.

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