At a recent craft fair, I saw a booth that had some awesome vintage Christmas ornament wreaths.  As soon as I got home, I started searching flea markets for vintage ornaments and found a few and started my wreath.  Here’s how to make one of these beautiful wreaths using my vintage Christmas ornament wreath diy.

 You will need a foam wreath and tinsel.  Wrap the tinsel around the foam wreath.  The tinsel I used had some wide strips in it so  for my next one, I will find tinsel that has thinner strips.  Take off the tops of some of the ornaments and glue them onto the wreath. Put some of the others in different positions.

I didn’t have enough of the real vintage ornaments to fill up my wreath.  I just happened to find some awesome vintage styled Shiny Brite ornaments at TJ Maxx that look just like the real vintage ones.  They even come in the coolest vintage-like boxes wrapped in paper.  So, now I had enough to finish my wreath.

Like I said before, some of the tinsel strips were too thick so I gave some a trim to thin it out a little.

I am very pleased with how my shiny vintage Christmas ornament wreath turned out!  

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