I call this a wonky quilt Christmas tree because I made it using a wonky quilting technique.  

I had a wood Christmas tree and decided how I wanted to cover it. 

Here’s how I did it…

I cut 4 inch squares out of 3 different kinds of green fabrics.  I made around 4 squares from each fabric.  They don’t have to be perfect squares.

Here’s where the wonkiness (Is that a real word?) starts.    Right sides together, lay one square on top of the other, but at an angle.  Sew down one of the seams.  

Turn and press.  

Now, take the third square with right sides together, lay at an angle.  Sew down one seam.

Open and press.  Continue in this way until you have a pieced enough to cover the tree.  You will need to make it a little bigger than the tree to have room to glue the sides which I didn’t do and had to sew mine onto another piece of fabric.  I also put a layer of batting to kind of give it a puffy look and hot glued some vintage buttons randomly on the tree.

And here is my little wonky quilt Christmas tree.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

Another Christmas DIY…

Christmas ornament diy

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